On-Boards at Loton

With the short courses, high speeds & intense competition which characterise Speed Hillclimbing, our sport is one of the most dramatic forms of motorsport both for competitors and spectators alike.

Gould GR59

Drivers Eye View from a Gould GR59


From the early days of large cameras being mounted to cars by television companies, in recent years the emergence of high-quality HD cameras at sensible prizes as well as the accessibility of online video hosting websites the use of onboard cameras at hillclimbs has grown and grown.

Whether using Go-Pro, Chase Cam, Bullet Cam or any one of the many alternative options armchair enthusiasts of our sport are now able to see exactly what it is like to charge up the hills of the British Isles.

In recent seasons more and more drivers are uploading the footage of their weekends activities as soon as they return to base on a Sunday night or Monday morning. This happened following the British Hillclimb Championship finale at Loton Park last weekend, so we have a great variety of high-speed runs available.

Check out these cracking videos that we have found so far:


Donald ‘Mad Mac’ McCaskill – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo


Debbie Dunbar – Westfield SEi


Clive Austin – Empire Wraith


Chris Aspinall – Empire Wraith


John Bradburn – Gould GR55


Alex Summers – DJ Firehawk



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