Our Correspondent… At Shelsley Walsh

According to Our Correspondent, todays practice at Shelsley Walsh was fairly uneventful. The day started wet but dried throughout, strangely more incidents seemed to occur during the dry runs than the wet ones !

Rodney Eyles had an unfortunate off with his lovely Ralt-Hart RT3 (running in the pre-1985 class), but it sounds as though damage was limited to a nosebox & wings.

Also, we have been told that Jos Goodyear completed all of his runs today in the DJ Firehawk. We reckon that this means that, having competed at Loton, Prescott & now Shelsley, Jos has got to the top on each of his last 12 runs… Has this happened before, someone should check, where’s Jerry when you need him ?!

Thanks to Eddie Walder for the info.

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