Paddock Fashion Update!

There were a couple of new items of pitwear on display at the Bouley Bay round of the British Hillclimb Championship as a couple of paddock regulars showed off their new looks.

Sam Wilson, son of BHC organisers Tim & Jackie, and number 1 gofor for top title contender Trevor Willis was sporting a new team shirt on the Channel Islands. Tim was heard to say that Trev had better hang on to ‘number 3′ this year because Sam’s not getting another shirt, but he can’t of meant it!

Sam Wilson OMS 25

Come in number 3, your time is up!


Former double British Champion and constructor of the giant-killing GWR Raptor, Graeme Wight Jnr was sporting new booties this weekend. The (naturally) red boots are also branded with ‘GW Racing’.

Graeme Wight Junior

‘Hey, I put some new shoes on’!


Anyone who has seen the polo shirts will know that I am not in a position to judge on this subject, so I will refer this one to our Fashion Correspondent Hannah!


  1. Graeme Wight says:

    Got a bit worried there that you had pictures of me in shorts from the Terres, My legs are not for public!!!!!!!!

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