Perfect Hillclimb Gifts – other choices…

Well, with only 1 week left to go to Christmas this is our last Hillclimb Gifts post. We’ve already gone through the best Paddock Gifts, the top Hillclimb Book choices, and the best Motorsport DVDs for Christmas. Now it’s time for the most eclectic gift selection of the year.

Some of you may know I have a bit of a weakness for a funky mug, so I had to include two here:Keep Calm and Install a TurboFirst up is an interesting take on the Keep Calm and Carry On genre, and one which could prove to be a very apt slogan for the 2012 season. The “Keep Calm and Install a Turbo Mug“, available in several colours so you may be able to get it to match the car. This is a design from the team at Unlap – who have a great selection of motorsport products – almost all inhouse designs too.
lotus elan mugThe second mug is more one for the traditionalist – the Lotus Elan. This drawing a Felix Petrol one – the regularly featured cartoon in Octane magazine, drawn by Guy Allen.
SpeedsceneTalking of magazines – anyone with an interest in hillclimbing would be very pleased to see a subscription to Speedscene under the tree.
UmbrellaAs I’m writing this guide it’s just started to rain (again!), so it’s quite fitting that up next is a rather lovely umbrella. There’s no sight quite to sad in a hillclimb paddock than a driver sat in their open-cockpit car in the rain. So cheer up your driver of choice this Christmas with this great umbrella – that’s got a gear stick knob for a handle!
Speedhillclimb TshirtFinally, we have to feature the most wanted gift on every hillclimb-lovers Christmas list this year… the t shirt! If you want to look as stylish as myself and James next season – then you need a t-shirt. Available in a wide-range of colours and styles, and are highly customisable…. there will be a prize for the first person we see wearing one on the hills in 2012!*

Happy Christmas everyone!

*wearing a t-shirt we’ve given you doesn’t (unfortunately) count.

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