Perfect Hillclimb Gifts – the DVDs

Our forth instalment isn’t quite as hillclimb focused as the others – simply because there’s a much smaller range of hillclimb DVDs than books etc. But we hope you’ll be able to find some suitable gifts for the hillclimber in your life in the selection below.

If you’ve missed our other gift focuses you can find them here:

1959 hillclimb championshipFirst up is the oldest DVD in our selection – the 1959 British Hillclimb Championship. So if you know someone who likes their hillclimbing historic- this could be just the gift!
2009 hillclimb review dvdAs you may know, the editor of James Wills was the presenter of the Brayspeed produced shows of the 2009 season. Brayspeed also produced footage of 2007 and 2008 (the latter presented by Tony Wiltshire). DVDs of all the shows are available on the Brayspeed website or via Duke.
hillclimb review 1991If you have a hunt around in the archive section on the Duke site you’ll also find some more vintage hillclimb events. Including the 1991 British Championship Review.
Unfortunately that’s all the hillclimb DVDs we could find (if you know of others please do let us know). Luckily there have been a couple of very good motorsport films released this year, both of which were on far too short a run in the cinemas – so if you missed them now’s the chance to catch up:

SennaBy far the biggest release was Senna. An award-winning documentary of the Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna. We managed to see this one at the cinema- and a very good documentary it is too.

TT Closer to the EdgeSo our final DVD gift recommendation of the year is TT: Closer to the Edge. The documentary follows the  experiences of the drivers racing in the TT, a race which is frightening enough to watch on normal telly – but which with this DVD (and the right technology) you can experience in all it’s 3D-ness. (Interestingly Amazon have suggested that Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson are “Actors” in this one – intriguing!).

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