Pikes Peak Hits Loton Park !

Hillclimb Leaders contender Keith Edwards has moved his stunning SWB Audi Quattro from the Mod Prod classes to the Sports Libre classes for 2011 with the addition of a spectacular new aero package.

Keith Edwards, Audi Quattro SWB, Loton Park

The 700bhp, 4 wheel-drive monster has sprouted enormous front & rear wings as well as wheel arch fences and side skirts after a year of development work in 2010.

The new apendages are reminiscent of those used on the mighty works Audis campaigned by Walter Rohrl and Michele Mouton at the Pikes Peak hillclimb in Colorado in the late 80s.

This connection was all the excuse we needed to dig out this youtube clip of Rohrl on Pikes Peak !


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