Pilbeam Back On Form

Mother & Son team Sandra & Oliver Tomlin are revelling in the improved handing of their Pilbeam MP97 this year.

Oliver Tomlin Pilbeam MP88 Gurston Down

The familiar blue Pilbeam, currently the only big Pilbeam running at the top end of the British Championship, has received a whole host of improvements to it’s suspension in the off-season and the results are spectacular.

Both drivers are reporting massively improved mechanical grip and handling since the revised rockers and springs were fitted over the winter.

Oliver Tomlin Pilbeam MP97


The modifications helped Olly to set a cracking PB of 27.31s in the first Run Off at Gurston, while Sandra set her first sub-30s for a couple of years in the afternoon class runs.

Now the Tomlins need to find a new engine builder (theirs has retired) and try to gain a few more horsepowers as the Judd EV engine that they currently run has slightly less grunt than the engine fitted in their previous Pilbeam MP72.


  1. Andy kittle says:

    Good to see always had a soft spot for a big Pilbeam

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