Pilbeam Returns

One of the highlights of the Gurston Down Test Day last Sunday was seeing a familiar face return to the hills with a familiar car!

Robin Johnston Pilbeam MP82

Robin Johnston returned to the hills in rebuilt Pilbeam


Robin Johnston regularly ran the ex. Emma & John Williams Ralt RT30 single-seater at Gurston in the past, but now he has moved onto a purpose built hillclimb single-seater.

The car he has chosen is the ex. Billy Morris Pilbeam MP82, which Billy shared with Andy McBeath and then Tim Davis and had much success at Southern hills over the years. The car was built new in the very late nineties for McBeath & Morris and was originally fitted with the 2-litre Hart 420 from the MP54 the duo shared before (and is now run by Roger Cock). Reliability issues with the Hart engine saw the duo swap over to a 2-litre Millington engine, the engine which stayed in place until Billy sold the car and is now in the MP88 Morris & Davis share today.

A fresh Millington engine has been installed into the MP82 by Johnston and he is looking forward to using the car at Gurston this year.

It’s great to see such a good car back out on the hills again.

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