Pilbeam to Lotus

Ciaron Pilbeam may not be the first person hillclimb enthusiasts think of when ‘Pilbeam’ is mentioned, but he is certainly a very highly respected Race Engineer in the world of Formula 1.

Alastair Douglas Osborne Pilbeam MP62

Ciaron used this MP62 (driven here by ADO) at Prescott in 1994 & 1995 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The son of Pilbeam designer/constructor Mike Pilbeam had a stab at hillclimbing in the mid to late 1990s when he used the then works MP62 (now owned by the Alexander family) and MP82 (now owned by the Ede brothers) at selected Midlands BHC rounds.

In recent years however, Ciaron has been best known for his role as Mark Webber’s Race Engineer at Red Bull Racing.

For 2013 though it is time for a change. Ciaron will be moving to the Lotus (formerly Renault, Benetton & Tolman) Team at Enstone in Oxfordshire to become Race Engineer to 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen.

Lets hope Ciaron doesn’t have to inform Kimi about Safety Car procedure or tyre strategy over the radio too often unless he has earplugs!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    1998 or ’99 Ciaran shared with Willem Toet a car billed by the commentator at Prescott as “The Works Pilbeam”, perhaps an MP87 [?]. The car-sharing was confirmed briefly by Mike Pilbeam in a conversation at “Works” at Bourne in 2009. I think this car had the “speedblob” motifs around the nose. Perhaps it could have been that machine which passed to Paul Ranson, then on to John Jones. I have a photograph which includes this car, taken in the paddock at Gurston Down in 2001. I have yet to find a programme to confirm the car, or show the driver. I am sure there will be many with far better powers of recall than mine. Sorry about all the “quotes”, just couldn’t resist them.

    • James says:

      Thanks Andy.

      The 98 or 99 works car, with the orange blobs, would have been MP82-001 chassis with the sequential Hewland box. This car was then sold on to Paul Ranson, who occasionally shared it with some bloke called Groves… Wonder what happened to him!? From Ranson it went to John Jones and currently resides in Cornwall with Rob & Peter Ede who are installing a blown hayabusa in it.

      Love to see the photo if it can be scanned & emailed?

      No problem about the “quotes” Andy, you know we love a Sturmanizer or two on this website!!!!

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