Practice Drama

Saturday practice at Loton Park’s BHC finale was interrupted a few times as incidents and attrition affected some of the top contenders.

Ian Dayson Force Racing Carz

Force Boss Ian Dayson helps Deryk Young to change the offending driveshaft


The organising Hagley & District Motor Club did a great job to make up for the lost time however, and all remaining runners had three practice runs.

Incredible grip levels off of the start line contributed to a couple of transmission breakages early in the day. Jos Goodyear broke a chain as he changed into second gear on his opening run of the weekend, but Graeme Wight Jnr and his crew got the car sorted out in time for the second runs.

The second major issue was a driveshaft breakage on the Young’s Gould GR51B. The shaft and the tripods at each end were damaged, but thanks to a lot of running around and help from some rival crews, the Youngs managed to get the car ready for Sue & Del to take part in the main event on Sunday.

After suffering from a lack of electricity with their K-Series Rover-powered Caterham for most of the day, the Warby’s managed to resuscitate the car in the afternoon. Unfortunately Allan only managed to get to turn 1 on his run before the head gasket blew and the engine’s fluids exited through the car’s radiator cap. Warby was keen to point out that the spillage was on the perfect racing line!

The most serious incidents of the day however, involved the two Cosworth DTM V6 engined Gould GR55s of Tony Wiltshire and Andy Coley.

On Wilt’s second practice run, he misjudged the kink on Cedar Straight. The car left the track on the left, dug in and rolled over, eventually coming to rest upside-down on top of the tyre barrier. A long delay followed as Wilt was extracted from the car. After a visit to Shrewsbury Hospital for a precautionary check-up (where he received a clean bill of health), the Devon-based driver was back at the hill by 6pm. The car suffer major suspension & bodywork damage, but having checked the car out back at base Wilt reports that there is only collateral damage.

After the long delay, the very next car on the hill was Coley and the near identical sister GR55. Amazingly, the car (which was recently rebuilt after Brother Mark’s accident in The Esses at Prescott) left the track at the exact same spot as Wilt. The silver Gould didn’t flip over, but it flew at an altitude of three to four feet before landing on the outfield. More bodywork and suspension damage was the result, but fortunately Andy was also completely unhurt by the shunt.

Gouldy sure builds ‘em strong!

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