Practice in the Park

Saturday practice for the final BHC round of the year saw overcast but dry conditions throughout. The Loton Park venue in Shropshire was at it best and there was a sensible crowd present for a practice day.

After a long delay during the morning due to a non-track related medical emergency, the Hagley club did a great job of making up the lost time and getting 3 runs in for all who wanted them. Shame that they couldn’t have managed a practice on Sunday morning though (more on that later)…

It was close at the head of the field as Roger Moran began his charge for 2nd place overall on the Championship in the best possible way with the fastest practice time of 45.56s. Trevor Willis was stalking Moran Snr though and was just 2/100ths behind at the close. Despite electing not to take his 3rd practice, 2011 Champion Scott Moran was in 3rd place, just 1/10th behind Willis.

There was a close battle in the 2-litres as Alex Summers(DJ Firehawk), John Chalmers(Ralt F302) and Morgan Jenkins(Pilbeam MP87) were only 2/10ths apart in a battle that would rage on all weekend. The remainder of the class were someway behind this trios place.

The usual suspects set the pace in the 1600s with Will Hall leading the way ahead of Lee Adams, Jos Goodyear and Richard Spedding. Unfortunately though an off at the end of practice saw Hall & gofor Paul Danby with a couple of sets of wishbones to replace. In an amusing twist for by-standers, as Force boss Ian Dayson had left for the evening DJs Del Quigley rolled up his sleeves and helped the Midlands duo to get the car ready for Sunday.

It had already been a busy day for Quigley & the DJ crew as lead driver Wallace Menzies had a 3rd practice excursion at the top of the hill and wiped out the front wing assembly and a brake hose. The car was back in one piece rapidly enough though and Wallace was pleased to point out that Will’s shunt had required the “recovery truck of shame” whereas he could drive back to the paddock!

Loton’s paddock bin (no, not as smart as yours Doug) was then filled with bits of carbon wing from the DJ and young Pat Alexander now has a souvenir for his bedroom wall!

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