Prescott Practice

Glorious weather, lots of runs and some great times came out of one of the best days hillclimbing I can remember at The Lawns. The practice day started out damp, particularly under the trees through The Esses, but it soon burnt off as the sun came out late morning.

Glamorous Granny Sandra Tomlin warms the tyres

DJ Firehawk driver Jos Goodyear was fastest overall as yet again in 2011 the 1600cc bike-engined boys humbled the F1 inspired V8s.

Will Hall had a somewhat fraught day but still wound up 2nd fastest in class (3rd overall), just behind Jos. He was supposed to be having a relaxed practice day, and finally turned up at the event around lunchtime! His first run effectively ended at the bridge as the damper cover parted company with his Force PC. Then after his 2nd time up he discovered the his rear wing mounts had sheared, and required a spot of welding by Steve Hemmingway. Finally though he got a clean run and banged in a 39.39s to take 2nd on the day.

Veteran Rob Turnbull was the fastest Unlimited Class runner with 2nd overall on a 39.02s as the HB-engined GR55, using all 700bhp, screamed off of the line. He finished ahead of an inspired Andy Coley who was particularly impressive from Orchard to Pardon with the V6-powered GR55. Ash Mason and Steve Day were still suffering from what appeared to be electrical problems with their mighty Judd-powered Pilbeam, but Ash was able to get a clean run out of it for 5th overall.

Andy Coley lines up the Gould on the startline

Star of the Show though was undoubtedly Force PC driver John Rutland. With just 1100cc of Suzuki GSXR to urge the carbon car along, Rutters put in a PB on his 3rd run to lead the class by a country mile and break into the top 10 overall. Was it the new stickers that did it John, or the lengthy pep-talk from Bob!?

The 2-litre Sports Libre runners seemed to all end the day in pieces, but they certainly ran quickly when they ran! Class record holder Rob Stevens with his now blown Force SR4 was easily in charge of the class and should be knocking on the door of a Run Off place come the timed runs. It was also good to see Andy Short out at Prescott with his ex. Flanaghan OMS Turbo. Amazingly it was Andy’s first appearance at Prescott.

Running repairs in the Sports Libre paddock

Midland Series leader Mick Harriman continued his domination of the Mod Prod classes, he ended practice nearly 1.5s ahead of a great battle for 2nd place between Midlands legend Mike Hall and Porsche runners Peter Turnbull and Bob ‘the bun’ Mortimer. An unfortunate absence from this class, for Saturday at least, was Paul Gill’s eagerly anticipated Dodge Viper.

There is guaranteed to be a lot of racket in the upper paddock today as yesterday’s results saw the ever reserved Dave Wilson at the head of the usual great scrap for Road-going Limited Production honours. Dave’s subtle blend of encouragement will no doubt see Joy Hoyle, Dave Warburton, Allan Warburton and Tim Cross dig deep for the timed runs. The pressure is really on Allan Warby as his top 3 placing in the Midland Championship could come under threat without a win this weekend.

Dave Wilson feels the stress of leading the class

Well that just about wraps up the highlights of practice, lets see what happens when the chips are down on Sunday.

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