Ralt Returns Home

Sorry about the radio silence for the past few days, unfortunately the day job tends to get in the way at this time of year!

Tony Wiltshire Ralt

Wilt in the Ralt during his Sprint Championship campaign in 2004 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Despite having run his ex. Marsh Gould GR55 for the past couple of years, Tony Wiltshire is best known for his exploits with the Ralt RT34 which he built specifically for hills & sprints back in the early noughties.

The F3-type car (the RT34 was Ralt’s 1990 F3 challenger) was built around an unused tub and was heavily modified by Wilt, especially the suspension and aerodynamics. Power came from a late-90s spec Peugeot BTCC engine built, as it was for the works in those days, by Richard Longman.

This, then unique, combination was highly succesful over a good few years, despite not featuring a carbon tub or raised nose aerodynamics. Wilt won the 2007 Gurston Top 10 Challenge title after a season-long scrap with Paul Haimes, having already claimed the runner-up spot overall in the British Sprint Championship in 2004 & 2005.


Wilt felt that the car was starting to get left behind by the Dallaras at the sharp-end of the 2-litre class towards the end of 2007, so he sold the car on to Cornishman Terry Graves but kept the Pug engine and planned to install the 300bhp lump into a Dallara F399 he acquired from the Channel Islands.

Graves ran the car with a 2.3 litre Duratec engine in the unlimited class before graduating to the Gould GR37 he runs to this day. He had retained the car, but loaned it to Wilt for the 2010 season.

Having struck a deal towards the end of last year though, Wilt bought the rolling chassis back from Graves, for largely sentimental reasons having put so much love and care into the car over the years!

Tony Wiltshire Ralt RT34

Wilt gets crossed-up over the bridge at Wiscombe Park (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


As time is in short supply due to his busy work-life, the Ralt may well be pressed into action in 2013 as he works through the rebuild of the Gould which was damaged in his end of season off at Loton Park in September.

It’ll be brilliant to see the sparks flying from the bright orange beasty as it hammers flat through Hollow or over Bunnies again!

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