Rebuilt Raptor

Following the shunt that Jos Goodyear had at Doune on April 22nd, Graeme Wight Jnr and his small crew at GWR Racing had a busy week to get a car ready for Goodyear and Lee Adams to compete in at Prescott last weekend.

The car that appeared at the opening round of the BHC was built in four days, using “Jos’s brush with Lee’s handle” according to Jnr.

Jos’ new and unused chassis was built up with the remaining ‘dangley bits’ (plus spares) and engine from Lee’s car.

Extreme Engines Hayabusa Lee Adams GWR Raptor

The Raptor is prepared for battle on Saturday at Prescott


Despite the rapid construction process the car worked brilliantly from the outset and enabled Lee & Jos to be 2nd & 6th overall respectively in first practice on Saturday morning.

Jos enthused all weekend about how brilliant the car is to drive, and Lee reckoned that the new chassis “…feels better than the old one. We have gone back to the settings we used in Scotland in 2010 and developed it from there. Maybe we’d been going the wrong way last year.”

This weekends results have certainly reinforced the theory that Jnr builds a damn good car, and if Lee’s thoughts on the set-up are correct then everyone else had better look out!


  1. Yea even on half cut tyres the thing was planted
    Although jos might think different on first practice run

  2. Graeme Wight says:

    funny how some people are quick to judge jos, after it first practace on sunday when jos spun, reports were coming back saying there was no way he was getting round the corner at that speed, 66mph was his speed into the corner, my choice to run inters not wets was the problem, out with the tyre cutter and a few more cuts then job done. 90% of the time the inters are amazining, poor Jos found the 10%.

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