Records Tumble at Perfect Prescott

Clear skies and hot weather produced a stunning selection of class records, as well as a cracking couple of Run Offs for the stand-alone Midland Hillclimb Championship meeting.

Ash Mason comes to the line in the Pilbeam-Judd MP97

As at so many events this year, the bike-engined runners proved that nippy & nimble beats grip & grunt as the V8 runners played 2nd fiddle to the top 1600s.

Jos Goodyear last took a Top 12 Run Off win at Gurston Down in 2008 when he was driving the mighty Pilbeam-Judd (now campaigned by Steve Day & Ash Mason), but he proved that he’s remembered how to win by dominating the 1st Run Off. Midland Championship front-runner Will Hall may have had to concede the class win to Goodyear, but he claimed the top spot in the 2nd Run Off.

Records galore were the highlights of the class runs though, the first of which Chloe will talk about later.

Whats that coming over the hill? Is it a Mazda! stickers, newly fitted to the Caterham, undoubtedly helped ‘The Silver Flash’ Dave Warburton to charge through the pack from 3rd place in practice to claim the Class B1 win. Not only that, but he took 1/10th off of Dave Wilson’s year old record. Wilson clung on 2nd place in the class ahead of Allan Warby.

Dave Warby stormed to new class record

Class B2 saw Roger Williams, under huge pressure from Simon Jenks’ Caterham, demolish Mike Meredith’s record by over 1.5s with his Morgan +8. The former record holder couldn’t manage better than 3rd on the day, such was the pace of his classmates.

Spurred on by visiting 16v Mini specialist Neal Masters and former Class C1 record holder Andy Russell’s Ginetta, Martin Depper dug really deep with his BMW Bike headed Mini to take nearly 0.75s off of Russell’s record. Andy responded, but missed the win and the record by 0.13s.

The final record of the day was in Class E for 2-litre Sports Libre runners. The existing record was set by Rob Stevens in 2007 at 40.07s, tantalisingly close to a 39s! Rob still has the same Force SR4, but these days it’s ‘busa engine is supercharged. The extra grunt made the difference as Rob banged in a 39.62s run to not only take the win, but qualify for the Run Off as well.

Rob Stevens' blown Force Hayabusa

It was a cracking meeting, with a reasonably early finish on both days, well done to the Bugatti Club!

Full results are available at the ever excellent

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