Records Tumble at Prescott

Amongst the mass of Class Records set at the Prescott British Hillclimb Championship round last weekend, a remarkable result was recorded.

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

Jos Goodyear (pictured here at Harewood) is now the fastest class record holder at Prescott


You would expect the 1600cc class record to be slower than the 2000cc class record, which in turn should be slower than the unlimited class record. But as we have seen in recent years on the hills, this logic cannot always be relied upon.

Over the past few years, the emergence of motorcycle engined cars in the 1600cc class and the relative stagnation of the BTCC inspired automotive-powered 2-litre class which dominated until 2010 have seen the 1600s well ahead of the 2000s.

However, the 2-litres have started a fight back. The writing was on the wall back in 2008 when Wallace Menzies first ventured out of Scotland with his DJ Firehawk complete with blown Suzuki Hayabusa power. Since 2011 however, Alex Summers has taken this promise and run with it.

At Prescott on Sunday Summers set a first run class time which took the 2-litre record ahead of not only the 1600s, but the unlimited class as well!

Then Jos Goodyear struck back on the second class run with a scintillating ascent of the hill to take the 1600 record ahead of both 2-litre and unlimited classes!

So now we have the 1600s quicker than the 2-litres, and the 2-litres quicker than the unlimiteds. The records now stand as follows:

Unlimited Class – Trevor Willis – 36.67s

2-Litre Class – Alex Summers – 36.48s

1600cc Class – Jos Goodyear – 36.35s

Before we get too excited though, we should remember that the Outright Hill Record still belongs to Trevor Willis (although Scott Moran equalled it on Sunday Morning) on 36.24s, so the big-boys are still able to pick up the pace when it matters in the all important, points-scoring, Top 12 Run Offs.

Interesting though…

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