Report on Racing Rivals

In recent years we have seen a massive increase in press coverage of our sport, and not by the specialist motorsport press but by the general mainstream media.

Local news and television in particular have taken an interest in Speed Hillclimbing and are using the angle of local sportsmen and sportswomen taking part in regional competition.

This is particularly evident in the Worcestershire and Shropshire areas where, due to National Championship hills and competitors in the region have a great number of hillclimb stories available.

The website has put together a brilliant piece about the raging battle between Roger Moran and Alex Summers for fourth place on the British Hillclimb Championship table which will be decided at Loton Park on Sunday.

It really is fantastic to see such impressive coverage for our sport in such a non-specialist publication.

Check out this link to see the article.


  1. jocelyne says:

    This is largely due to the hard work and enthusiasm of Tony Adams PR – representing Loton Park and Shelsley Walsh – and a keen competitor himself!

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