Restored Ralt Returns

Amongst all of the stunning historic cars competing at the recent Silverstone Historic Sports Car Club event, one of the 1980s Formula 3 cars really caught our eye.

Martin Brundle Ralt RT3

ex. Brundle/Henson Ralt RT3 at Silverstone


There was a Ralt RT3 car which was recognisable firstly because it was one of the most well-known F3 cars of its generation, being used by a driver who would go on to achieve big things in the sport, but also because once its first circuit career was over it went on to become a very successful speed events car.

Current Sky Sport F1 commentator Martin Brundle used this very chassis during his 1983 British Formula 3 Championship campaign. The future F1 driver and World Sportscar Champion drove for Eddie Jordan Racing during ’83 and very nearly won the title after a streak of wins, in the end though he narrowly lost out to another driver with a bit of a future…. Ayrton Senna da Silva!

Formula 3 cars have always been successful when run on the hills and the aluminium monocoque, rocker arm suspended RT3 was as good as they got. Many of these lovely little cars found their way into speed events, and there are even a few still around today being run by the likes of Brian & Adrian Moody and John Burton & John Opie.

This particular Ralt was used in speed events (mainly sprints) by current Formula Ford 1600 hillclimber Andrew Henson in the mid to late 1990s.

There was a thread about another RT3 (the BDA-powered version which used to be run by Paul Haimes’ Uncle Steve Snell) on the excellent Uphill Racers forum earlier this year, after reading which we spoke to Andrew about this Ralt. He remembered the car very fondly, saying “I wish I could have kept that one, but I needed the money at the time in order to step up to the ex. Fletcher Pilbeam MP62. That’s just the way it goes isn’t it, you can’t keep them all!”.

In recent years the car has been fully restored back to its 1983 circuit spec, and has even been driven by Martin Brundle at a test day at Silverstone.



  1. Andy Barton says:

    Nice piece Mr. Editor, in motoring historian mode, as opposed to style. Do you feel a monster Hillclimb tome coming on? A small but devoted market. What a scoop Martin Brundle driving too!!

  2. Jo Whte says:

    Great to see the car back on track and even better knowing that myself and good buddy Matt Manderson played a big part in the final making of parts and paintwork

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