Results Developments

We’ve been meaning to bring one of the best developments in our sport in recent years to a wider audience for a little while now.

South West Timekeepers

Results sheets available at the recent Wiscombe National meeting


Timing is absolutely critical to our sport, everything about the discipline of Speed Hillclimbing hinges around those little numbers on the clock. The speed and accuracy of results can transform an event, as was proved at a recent BHC event when the results service was rather on the slow side.

In recent years we have seen massive improvements and developments in this area with the likes of and several others now offering ever more splits and even live online timing. Indeed, resultsman Roger Warren’s analytics show that drivers are checking his website from their smartphones in the top paddock at events!

All of these factors have transformed the way that the sport can be followed, but one new innovation was in use in the paddock at the recent Wiscombe Park National. For the second year in a row, Pete Locke’s South West Timekeepers ( used a brilliant results printer in the paddock.

The competitor (or gofor) simply type the number of their car into a keypad, hit enter, and they receive a printout of all of their splits as well as every other competitor in their class!

No more clipboards, dodgy handwriting (in Mr Editor’s case!) and mistakes. Just all of the facts that you need to know exactly where you stand.

Great work by all of the South West Timekeeping crew!


  1. This system is brilliant well done Pete.

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