Return of the 1100s?

The National level 1100cc Racing Car Class should receive a welcome increase in entries for the 2013 season.

Dave Uren

Dave Uren ran in the 1100s in 2010 & 2011


Despite having struggled for high-quality entries at British Championship level, the class is due for a huge boost in 2013 with several high-spec car & driver combinations on the way.

1100cc Racing Cars are amongst the most popular single type of cars at any event country-wide, but there seems to be a lack of drivers committing to full BHC programs.

Gary Thomas (Force PT) and Simon Fidoe (Empire 002) have proved this year that a well driven, sensible spec car in this division can score highly in the Leaders and even grab the odd BHC point.


Many top-line 1100s exist, but are used mostly for regional competition with the odd BHC outing at local venues. Steve Marr (PCD Saxon), George Brown (Force PT), Dave Gardner (Empire 001) and Chris Aspinall (Jedi) are great examples of talented drivers who, for various reasons (mainly financial), don’t travel widely.

We have already heard on the grapevine that new or heavily modified cars are underway for Rob Capper (Honda BSB powered car by Jo White), Phil Cooke (carbon-tubbed Empire) and Toby Moody & Bill Chaplin (re-engined Empire Force).

If sprinter Richard Arrowsmith comes to join the party on the hills with his ex. Branch/Luke/Rutland Force PC then there could be fireworks in Class I at every round!

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