Return to the Hills – Part 2

Hot on the heels of Welsh Wizard Eynon Price, the entry list for the Prescott BHC round this weekend reveals that another former 1600 class pacemaker is returning to the hills.

Phil Cooke Jedi

Phil Cooke’s Jedi Penguin at Wiscombe Park in the eary nineties (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Former Leaders Champion Phil Cooke, competed throughout the 1990s with Jedi & Vision chassis, before teaming up with trike hillclimber Bill Chaplin and creating Force Racing Cars.

Phil was the original ‘works’ driver for Force and drove all of the chassis built by Bill Chaplin before the company was sold on to Ian Dayson.

Having sold his PC chassis to Robert Kenrick at the end of 2006, Phil stepped down from competition.

But now he is back!

Phil has commissioned a new 1100cc car from Empire Racing Cars for 2013 and is having a blast in a borrowed Force PC to blow away the cobwebs.

Tony Eyles’ British Sprint Championship winning chassis is the one that Cooke will use. It has been converted to 1300cc Hayabusa power instead of the Cosworth V6 DTM engine used originally.

Phil Cooke Force PT

Phil Cooke at Wiscombe Park in the Force PT


It’s great to see you back on the hills Phil!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Bill has re-created the ex-Tony Eyles car and made an elegant transformation. It was good to see PC competing again.
    Dear Mr. Editor,
    There seem to be no Comment Boxes for the two pieces which follow this one.

  2. eric says:

    could’nt agree more, lets hope he ends up being the proverbial cat amongst the pidgeons next season.

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