Robbs Sprint to Doune

Due to the lack of BSC rounds in the latter half of this season, local Stirling driver & 2011 British Sprint Champion Stewart Robb brought his ex.Moran Pilbeam-Judd along to Doune for a fun run.

The Robbs Pilbeam at Doune

Sharing the car with his son Stewart R. Robb, who was himself the 2008 BSC winner in the car, the team put in a late registration for the BHC series and having overcome car problems on the 1st timed runs both qualified for the 2nd Run Off.

The car is the MP88 chassis which Roger & Scott Moran campaigned in the 2004 BHC. It features a monsterous 4-litre Judd KV V8 engine producing over 700bhp and runs through a Lola Formula Nippon gearbox.700bhp of Judd V8.

Team Robb overcame a throttle potentiometer problem on the 1st runs and enjoyed their weekend on the close confines of their local hill. Word has it that they may be back for more next year, especially on the power hills (like Shelsley & Gurston) that will suit the car.

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