Rob’s Rocketship Returns!

Over the past few years several V8 engined Gould GR55 chassis have been advertised for sale. But while the multi-championship winning ex. Fleetwood/Dawwson/Algar NME-engined ‘Sprint’ car has changed hands, the hillclimb spec cars seem to have remained on the market for some reason.

Rob Turnbull Gould GR55

The HB belches flame at Harewood in 2005 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


However, we have recently heard that this has changed and that one of the hillclimb GR55s has now found a new home for the 2014 season. Indeed, it is being collected by its new owner today!

Veteran British Hillclimb contender Rob Turnbull has had his Cosworth HB powered GR55 on the market since 2012, but he has now found a buyer for the car which will be heading to the Westcountry.

Cornish hillclimber and sprinter Terry Graves has run the Tipadel Gould GR37 with Cosworth DFR power since acquiring the car from Tim Painter and Andrew Fraser in 2010 and has had tremendous success with the car after claiming many FTDs, Outright Hill Records and BSC Run Off placings with the big beasty.


Now Terry is ready to hunt for BSC Run Off wins and is preparing himself for the big step up in performance that he should experience with the new chassis/engine combination. As well as the more Southerly BSC rounds, Terry intends to fit in as many British Championship hills as he can. He told us “I have never done Prescott or Harewood, do they are definitely top of my list”.

Chassis GR55-06 is the last of the original batch of GR55 chassis produced by Gould Engineering between 2003 and 2005, the car was commissioned by former F1 caterer and 1988 British Sprint Champion Paul Edwards. The car has always been driven by Turnbull, except for a fun outing by 2003 & 2004 BHC winner Adam Fleetwood. This car is the only GR55 to have been built especially for the HB engine, John Bradburn’s sister car (chassis GR55-03) was re-engined with an HB motor having originally run with Cosworth KF V6 power.


Not only does Terry have to prepare himself for the big increase in performance from the chassis which will be close to 100kgs lighter than the GR37, but the engine will be quite different as well. Despite both being F1 Cossy V8s, they are completely different generations of engine from a period fo intense development in F1. The DFR was originally built for the Benetton team for the start of the new non-turbo regulations in 1988, it is a 3.5 litre, 90 degree V8 engine weighing 150kgs and producing around 600bhp at 11,000 revs. The HB however is a monster V8, built for the 1990 season with a 75 degreee vee-angle, weighing in at 140kgs and producing well over 700 horses!

As this car will be used both on the sprints and the hills it is sure to be a massive success for Terry. As this car has considerably more grunt than a NicMac V8 it should be a phenomenal sight on the circuits of the UK, and could also demolish the hill records at Terry’s local hills Werrington Park and Castle Hillclimb!

Have fun with it Terry!

Terry also mentioned to us that his beautifully presented ex Painter/Fraser Tipadel Gould GR37 is currently for sale. The car, which was first run in 1997 has a Cosworth DFR engine with plenty of miles left on it and a freshly rebuilt Hewland FGC gearbox. The car comes ready to run and would be a fantastic regional hillclimb car or BSC Run Off contender.



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