Roger’s Rally Run

Former British Champion Roger Moran had an end of season fun run at the recent one-day Prescott event.

A keen rally competitor in the off season (when co-driven by Caterham hillclimber Joy Hoyle), Moran brought his Porsche 911 out in the Bugatti, Chester, Hagley & MAC clubs class.

The car has been hillclimbed before by Roger. When he first acquired the car in 2009 he used the car at Doune hillclimb alongside the Gould GR61X he normally drives. He didn’t enjoy using both cars on the same day and retired the Porsche before the timed runs on Sunday.

 This time the Porsche experience went much better and Roger completed the day with a sub-49s run during practice.

Thanks to Shireen Broadhurst ( for the image of Roger at Prescott.

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