Run Off Milestone for Gould

Our Correspondent has sussed out that, by claiming victory in the final British Hillclimb Championship Top 12 Run Off at The World Famous Shelsley Walsh on Sunday, Scott Moran claimed the 400th Run Off victory for the Gould marque.


David Gould Gould 84G

David Gould in the original Gould 84G at Doune (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The Newbury-based constructor, which first appeared in British Hillclimbing with a stunning aluminium honeycomb chassis and Cosworth BDA power back in 1984, scored several Run Off wins with the 84G chassis in the late 80s and early 90s but they really started to rack up the victories in the late 1990s with the Ralt F3 based GR37 chassis.

Double BHC Champion Chris Cramer claimed the first win for the marque on his way to the BHC title at Harewood in the middle of 1985, when the 84G had gained a 2.5l Hart 4-cylinder engine.

David Grace took the first win of the modern era for Gould when he won at Harewood in 1996 with the Cosworth DFR-engined GR37.

David Grace Gould GR37

David Grace claimed 3 titles and a stack of Run Off wins with the GR37 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Since then the scores have really racked up with drivers such as Rob Turnbull, Tim Mason, Roger Moran, Graeme Wight Jnr, Adam Fleetwood, Roy Lane, Martin Groves, Paul Ranson, Simon Durling, Chris Merrick, Tom New, Karl Davidson, Roger Fleetwood and of course Scott Moran also contributing to the list.

Congratulations to David, Sean and all of the crew in Newbury for this amazing achievement.


  1. Phil says:

    Have a look at Alan Staniforths book, the race and rally car source book, David Gould was chasing Martin Bolsover years before the honeycomb 84G was built.

  2. Adam Phelps says:

    “David Grace took the first win of the modern era for Gould when he won at Harewood in 2006 with the Cosworth DFR-engined GR37″

    Are you a decade out there?

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