Saturday Hillclimb Round-up

Yesterday saw clubbies at both Loton Park and Castle Hillclimb. Bike-engined cars ruled the roost on the Saturday leg at Loton.

DJ Firehawk driver Nigel Morris took FTD at Loton on 50.48s, finishing ahead of Simon Fidoe who was out for another development outing in the 1100cc Empire.

As usual this year, spectacular KTM rider Martin Robbins took top spot amongst the bikers with both the over 500cc class win and the Run Off win.

There was no surprise at Castle Hillclimb as Cornishman Mike Lee continued his amazing run of 2011 Westcountry FTDs. Lee’s task was eased slightly by fellow local Terry Graves accepting an offer of Silverstone hospitality and hence not appearing with his Gould-Ralt!

Lee set a time of 23.00s, David Sims was 2nd overall in his Ralt RT34, finishing the day 0.20s behind the winner.

Also in news from Castle, it was good to hear that Jo & Roger Hodgson are back out in their Kings Mews Elan. The car has had an engine rebuid since it’s last appearance at Wiscombe in May. Despite sticking to running-in revs Jo took a class win on 30.96s with Rog finishing 3rd.

Thanks to resultsman and Elder Statesman for the gossip!

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