Save of the Year Competition

Following on from our ‘Save of the Day’ post regarding Lee Adams incredible tail slide in terrible conditions at Shelsley Walsh back in May, we have a new contender. So, we think that we should have an end of season readers vote as to who has made ‘Save of the Year’.

Having not competed since 2005, Lloyd Chaplin made a return to competition at Wiscombe Park over the weekend sharing the family Empire Force with Bill.

And what a return Lloyd made! Despite missing a practice run on Saturday due to feeling – uhum - unwell(!), Lloyd was bang on the pace on Sunday morning. He then proceeded to wipe the floor with his class rivals on the first timed runs to take the class win and a new 600cc Class Record, beating Adam Steel’s very tricky target. He ended up nearly a second clear of the field and was within 0.25s of a Run Off spot.

However, the run wasn’t quite as straight forward as it first appeared. Bill Chaplin has sent us a link to this youtube clip which shows just how committed Lloyd was on that record run….


Now that is surely a worthy rival to Adams’ Save of the Year!?

If you see any other clips of worthy challengers to this title, then please send them in to us.

Great job on the class record Lloyd, it was brilliant to see you back in the car again, even if you did make Bill look old & slow!


  1. Rob Stevens says:

    Poetry in Motion
    I think the last time Lloyd drove the car a rod came out!

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