Saxon Crosses Scottish Border !

The stunning PCD Saxon-Suzuki which was driven by the late Rob Barksfield in the early noughties (and still holds a Gurston class record) has been bought by Scottish Hillclimber Steve Marr. Steve, who has run an immaculately prepared OMS in recent years, will be running the car in Northern events with an 1100cc Suzuki GSXR engine.

Have fun with it Steve, we’re looking forward to seeing the car run again !

PCD Saxon, Gurston Down Hillclimb


  1. Steve Marr says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the Saxon and slowly getting to grips with it – at almost double the power-to-weight of my old SF2 OMS it’s a steep learning curve!

    Got my first FTD with it a few weeks ago at my local hill – Fintray House near Aberdeen, so it’s certainly a very capable machine.


    • James says:

      Thats great news Steve, thanks for the update and very well done on the FTD !

      We look forward to seeing you back South of the Border again soon.

      All the best,
      James & Chloe.

  2. My thoughts exactly!

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