Scott Gets Soaked!

The last British Hillclimb Championship event of each season always has a distinct ‘end of term’ feel to it as the drivers, marshals, go-fors and organisers all begin to unwind before the long cold winter.

Scott Moran British Hillclimb

Scott Moran makes his victory speech while his bodyguard looks on!


A new tradition amongst the top title contenders is the annual soaking of the incoming champion at the Loton Park post-event prize-giving by his competitors.

We weren’t in the perfect spot to catch this, but we did manage to grab some evidence Scott Moran of the receiving end of buckets of water courtesy of out-going Champ Trevor Willis, Wallace Menzies and Will Hall.

Scott Moran Wallace Menzies

Splash down in Shropshire!


Great stuff guys!

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