Scottish Showoff!

Practice at the Gurston Down British Hillclimb Championship round at the weekend was interrupted by a very heavy downpour on Saturday lunchtime (see separate story).

Once the track re-opened a few drivers decided to get in a tentative run in order to gain some practice just in case Sunday’s competition day ended up being wet.

By the time the big-hitters were due to hit the track the conditions had improved to the point that the track was too wet for slicks, but not wet enough for wets.

Rather than risk either destroying a set of wets or, worse still, a shunt due to running on slicks, most competitors decided to sit out the final Saturday run.

Scotsman Wallace Menzies has a set of intermediate tyres for the mighty DJ Firestorm and he was the only one of the big cars to take the start.

Fellow competitors Scott Moran, Tom New & Tony Wiltshire (along with Mr Editor) strolled to the start line to watch Wallace.

Once he spotted us he decided to play to the crowd and wave as he left the start line!

Great stuff Wallace!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Ring-a-Ding Mingo!
    One hump is definitely quicker than two.
    Bring on the Dromedillo for Perscoot!

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