Scottish Update

Our Scottish Hillclimb Correspondent ‘Danger Mouth’ has sent us the following report on the season so far north of the border:

It was nice at Doune. Lee Adams was the fastest car. The only English person there was OMS man Mike Fitzsimmons in an historic 500. Wallace Menzies was there in the turbo charged Westfield and Nicola Menzies went well in the green Force.

We went to Knockhill two weeks ago to see our neighbour race his Ferrari. Knockhill was good for me to see things.

Fintray was sunshine and showers. It would be good for the BHC but not enough room in the paddock. Steve Marr was quick in the PCD Saxon and he was also at Doune.

Donald McAskill appeared to be a favourite for FTD on Sunday but Finlay Whyte beat him. Steve Marr FTD on Saturday. Eric Kiltie hit a tree and they had to cut his car in half. On Sat Donald broke the gearbox on the turbo and supercharged Mitsibushi.

Good to hear that Lee Adams won a run off at Harewood. He could win one at Doune.

Many thanks for the update DM, it has certainly been a great start to the year for Scotland’s hillclimbers !

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