Season Catch-up Part 2

Further to our Ulster catch-up from Croft Hillclimb yesterday, we are looking at some more early-season, off-shore motorsport today, but looking to the East rather than the West….

Lee Corbet Westfield

‘The Voice’ has done a lot of work to the Westfield over the winter!!


Those keen bods over on the Channel Islands have already run several events in 2014, and our old mate ‘The Voice’ was there to see the action and to write a couple of reports to keep us in the loop.

So, lets have a little catch up on the sprint and hillclimb events from Guernsey so far this season:


“Last Saturday saw our first sprint of the year and it saw 4 new records.

 The afternoon started off dry with a strong headwind and I leant my recently acquired Hayabusa to Anthony Poynder who, as ever was awesome to watch on this classic stock motorcycle. The day finished with him 3rd fastest overall setting a 10.85 second run, behind Adam Girard and John Rowlinson on their superbikes. Fastest on four wheels was Scott Rayson (he of fame for the wave!) in the superb Chevvy powered sandrace clocking 138 mph through the finish (scary in that thing!)

 Poynder went on to impress me beyond belief when we had a shower during the afternoon by recording a 11.26 in the wet, more than half a second faster than anyone in those circumstances. His nonchalant comment that he could have gone quicker if his visor had cleared is just typical of the man himself…. I think I need to get him some extra horsepower before the next event!!

 The first record to be broken this year was mine….my friend Tony Simon bought along his recently acquired Westfield and thrashed me taking my old record down from 14.96 to a respectable 14.43 seconds over the quarter mile track. Revenge is sweet is all I can say at this point and I hope he doesn’t notice his engine power drop when I change it for mine while he’s asleep!!

 Other record breakers were Craig Robert in the sand race production saloons taking Faye Downs record to a new level of 15.50, Brent Meerveld in the Road Going Series Saloons over 1800 down from 11.34 to 11.01  in his rapid Nissan which now knocks out some 741 horse power allegedly and Tim Le Pelley in the beautifully turned out Hayabusa powered Maguire Imp, lowering the Sports Libre G record down from 12.43 seconds mark set previously by Ben Batiste in a Zcar Mini to 12.36 .

 The season shows promise with lots of new and improved machinery and I am looking forward to keeping you guys up to date with our Guernsey antics throughout the season. Next event is Sand Racing on Easter Saturday which will see yours truly make his first appearance in an Escort and then our first Hillclimb on the Monday with a list of entries just over the 100 mark.

 See you at the races as they say!”


And after the season opener on the flat, the boys & girls were back at Le Val des Terres for the first hill of the year over the Easter Weekend:

“Well, another season of hillclimbing began today on the sunny island of Guernsey and it was eventful as ever. Quite a few newbie’s were on the hill which started off mildly moist from the overnight rain but improved throughout the day as the sun did it’s level best to push through the clouds.

BTD went to our very own Chocolate Firemen Darren “The Shag” Warwick but it took a couple of runs for him to get back into the swing of things. He posted at 28.53 on his final run of the day, his third consecutive sub 29 and looked like he wasn’t going to ease off at all going into the top corner, absolutely awesome to watch.

Nick Saunders appeared with a new colour scheme for this season and all that extra weight in paint doesn’t seem to have slowed him down at all posting a credible 29.24 ahead of Paul “Sooty” Priaulx who posted a 29.35 with his new Busa powered Force.

We had three records too. Brent Meerveld broke John “ The Bunman” Dunne’s record in the Road Going Series Production Class 1601 and over with a 34.84 then promptly parked it in the field without paying at the gate!! Still, a wins a win as they say and with 12 competitors in this ever growing class well done to Brent as that 741 BHP Nissan is a beast on our twisty hill.

In the Sports Libre G class Tim Le Pelley set a new record in his immaculately prepared Busa powered Hillman Imp and I have to say he was quite chuffed about it to say the least. This car has undergone extensive engine surgery throughout the long cold winter months and Tim thoroughly deserved his new record.

In the fixed geared Karts up to 125cc Tia Harvey broke her existing record of 35.32 setting a new best of 34.46. Time we persuaded Grandpa Peter Clarke to let her loose in the Jagernought methinks!

The only record I broke today was for the burger, coffee and ice-cream served up so swiftly by my lovely pit babe that I think I now hold a new speed record for consumption….after all those Easter eggs it’s a miracle I managed to get any more in ;-)…. New competitor in my class Tony Simon kept me honest all day and at one stage was 2 hundredths of a second up on me in his Dunnell powered Westfield…… but I got him in the end and ended up second to a rather swift Aerial Atom driven by Andy Morris. (mental note to self…order some extra horsepower for next time).

Miss Pink (A.K.A Jackie Guille) made a return to the hill today but was no match for our super fast lady Sarah Gaudion who knocked in a 30.70 on her last run showing the rest of the girls the way in her immaculately prepared OMS.

Steve Marquis did a lovely pirouette to cross the line in his Citroen 2CV on a run early afternoon and managed to avoid contact with any of the scenery at the top, and Simon Carre had a similar spin at the exit of the first corner again narrowly escaping any damage. Not so lucky were a few of our younger drivers with Jordan Caradeuc taking the left hand side of the single seater off on his first corner, Steven Scott made a mess of the front end of his dad Flash’s Dax at the end of tunnel, and Gary Robert stuffed his little Renault Clio into the bank at the bottom of the top straight. All part of the learning curve on an eventful day out. Luckily for Steven he’s back off to Uni in the morning so won’t have to put up with the embarrassment for too long!!

It was great to see Mark Rive, Mark Robinson and Roger Naftel making returns to racing today too. The older we all get the faster we were apparently.

There was today and will no doubt be a lot more going on throughout the season for me to report so I will leave you look at the rest of today’s results on and of course our own website while I sit down for my well deserved Chinese!”


Thanks so much to ‘The Voice’ for the reports, they are greatly appreciated and will be posted much quicker in future… See you in July for the National!!

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