September Shelsley

For the first time in several years the Teme Valley echoed to the roar of an F1 Cosworth DFR V8 again at the weekend.

Chris Cramer Gould GR37

The Tipadel car appeared at Shelsley in 1997, driven by Chris Cramer (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Once the engine of choice for the top runners in the BHC, the DFR has fallen out of favour in recent years as lighter & more powerful V8s have taken over, but Cornishman Terry Graves is still persevering with his and used it to good effect with a pair of FTDs at The World Famous venue over the weekend.

Grave’s had been to Shelsley before with his ex. Tony Wiltshire Ralt RT34 a few years ago, but this was his first visit with the big ex Tipadel Gould GR37 (despite having tried to enter a few events at the hill this year).

The V8 power allowed Grave’s to finish ahead of John Jones & Darren Gumley on Saturday with a 26.68s run in the dry and then beat Simon Andrews and Mike Tregoning (sharing Billy Morris’ Millington-powered MP88 for the day) for the win in the wet on Sunday.

Great stuff Terry, hopefully we’ll see you back at the hill in 2013.


  1. Andy kittle says:

    Yes hard to beat that sound

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