Film Night 11

It’s 6 o’clock, Saturday night, on It must be time for another Film Night!

With the 2013 Formula 1 season heading towards us at a rate of knots, lets take a look back to the early 80s and see how the F1 teams were preparing their new cars and new technologies.

In recent years technical innovation has reduced to the point where we now seem to get excited by an exhaust exit, a diffuser vane or a stepped nose.

30 years ago, the F1 teams were locked in a technology battled which involved composite chassis, turbo engines, radial tyres and ground effects aerodynamics.

It was a time of extreme conflict for F1 with Bernie Ecclestone of FOCA locking horns with the FISA president Jean-Marie Balestre over the marketing and regulation of the sport whilst the teams were pushing the limits of the rules to the very edge.

So, let’s have a look at an episode of Horizon from 1981 called “Gentlemen, list your skirts” which features the preparation and winter testing of Williams Grand Prix Engineering and the fantastic Williams FW07 chassis.


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