Film Night 13

Yes, it’s back! And there is a bit of a change of tack for the Film Night tonight…

We have looked at several technical and historical films on here so far, but as there is a lot of chatter at the moment about personalities, or the lack of, from modern sportsmen and women at the moment we thought we’d look at some of the biggest characters from our sport. Also, there seems to be a growing nostalgia (or ‘fever’ as Autosport would say) for some of the outspoken, fun-loving, but seriously determined sporting heroes of the 1970s.

The James Hunt/Niki Lauda movie Rush is in post-production at the moment, and Motor Sport magazine dedicated a large portion of the last issue to the memory of the late, great Barry Sheene.

so, let’s have a look at this ITV documentary from 2010 which looked at Hunt & Sheen’s off-track personas as well as comparing them with todays top sports stars.



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