Film Night 17

It’s back! With all the grim winter weather causing agro and disruption all over the UK, we felt that it was time for the return of an old favourite.

So, if you are cold, wet and miserable, or if you are unaffected, but looking for some Saturday night entertainment, then this is the post for you! We have trawled through the wonders of the internet and have found another cracking motorsport video.

There is a lot of chatter on forums this week about the fantastic series charting the history of the British Touring Car Championship (or British Saloon Car Championship as it was known for many years). The series has had it’s ups and downs over the decades, including the golden era of the 1990s Super Touring Cars (which provided a whole host of engines into a cameo role as 2-litre hillclimb powerplants), and the entire history is charted in three 45 minute long installments.

These episodes are available to view in the UK at the following link:

ITV Player BTCC Link
For those who have seen the show, then have a look at this classic BTCC footage from the glory days of the 1990s.

This is coverage of the 1997 Tourist Trophy event which took place at the end of the season, featured the top Super Touring drivers from all over Europe and was covered with highlights on the much-missed BBC Grandstand program.

Also, as a bit of a bonus, check out this onboard footage of 2012 World Touring Car Champion Rob Huff test driving one of the stars of the late 1990s the RML built Nissan Primera. At the start of this video Huff is chatting to period Nissan works driver Anthony Reid about the car. Great stuff!


Shame we never saw a Nissan BTCC engine in a hillclimb single-seater, they had loads of grunt, but wow were they expensive back in the day compared to a Vauxhall or a Peugeot though!

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