Film Night 18

This weeks installment of the Film Night is a pretty special one. Throughout this series, which has run over the past couple of years, we have featured films from professional motorsport covering amazing films or topical subjects.

For the latest chapter however, we will have a look at our very own sport of Speed Hillclimbing. In recent years we have celebrated the promotion and entertainment that our sport has been granted by TV shows producing sections of their programs looking at our dramatic discipline of motorsport. Whist becoming ever more frequent, this is not a new trend so let’s have a look back at some of the hillclimbing films produced over the past couple of decades.

We have a few short films to watch this week, which will see lots of familiar faces and many ‘blasts from the past’, the first of these films were shot at Shelsley Walsh in the mid to late 90s and feature interviews and track action from The World Famous venue. The first of these films is special because it features rare footage of Any Priaulx during his championship season with the Pilbeam-DFL MP58, whereas the second film features footage of Warby having breakfast!!




Next we move on to the Bugatti Owners Club’s permanent venue of Prescott for a snapshot of what appears to be a Members Meeting at the natural amphitheatre in the Cotswolds back in 1998, check out the shots of Shelsley and Goodwood commentator Chris Drewett with his lovely March 782.



Back to Shelsley next with a short but sweet preview of the 2001 MAC 100 meeting which celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Midland Automobile Club with an incredible 3 day meeting at the hill.



The final pair of films are actually promotional trailers, but very good trailers they are too! Barbon Manor is in many ways a real jewel in the crown of the British Hillclimb Championship as the rustic venue with no permanent facilities provides a real snapshot of how hillclimbing used to be. The knowledgable and enthusiastic crowd who are attracted by what is pretty much the only tarmac motorsport in the North West also adds to the great appeal of the hill. These films from 2004, 2007 & 2008 feature stunning footage from the GR55 era at the top of the BHC tree.





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