Film Night 2

Whilst many of are either at Gurston Down or in Guernsey this evening at events, many more will be sat at home and open for suggestions of what to watch on the box!

So, here you have the answer, the second weekend of the youtube Film Night!

So, sit back and enjoy this stunning motorsport footage.

The 1980s Group B regulations for rallying produced some of the most spectacular rally cars that the world has ever seen. Also, when the cars were banned from rallying, these same regulations donated some of the most awe-inspiring and spectator pleasing hillclimb cars of recent years.

One of the greatest records of the Group B era is the documentary Too Fast To Race.


And as an extra Group B treat, the following has to be one of my favourite youtube videos. The combination of Group B  shots and a large dose of Metallica is just an awesome recipe. Check out the perfect mix of flame-spitting supercar and ‘The Unforgiven’.


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