Film Night 20

With there being very few championship hillclimb events this weekend we thought that we would restart a favourite old series here at and have another Film Night.

Having just had the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend, the Formula 1 World Championship is just past its half way stage. We stumbled across an excellent series of YouTube videos on ‘The Racers Edge’ section of Peter Windsor’s ever-fascinating F1 blog so we thought that we would share them.

These films are short ‘half-term reports’ on the drivers in the championship, looking at the inter-team battles between team mates and analysing what is going on below the surface. F1 driver coach Rob Wilson joins Windsor to review the progress of ‘the best drivers in the world’ and provides a stunning insight into what is actually going on inside the cockpits.

So, open a bottle, sit back and enjoy this fascinating and sometimes controversial, must see viewing for F1 fans.






Check out this link for the season review of the remainder of the F1 grid.



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