Film Night 21

For those who are not at one of the many events taking place this weekend we have a big treat for the latest instalment of the Film Night.


We have stumbled across one of the most impressive motorsport history films we have ever seen.

Possibly the most spectacular period of Grand Prix motor racing was the era which covered the five years immediately prior to World War 2. Between 1933 and 1939 the Nazi Government of Germany poured millions of Reich marks into two parallel Grand Prix programs with the intention of dominating Grand Prix racing and demonstrating German technical superiority to the watching world.

This documentary focuses on the story of the Auto Union and Mercedes Benz programs of the late 30s from developing the original 750kg class cars in 1933/34 right through to the final 3-litre class in Belgrade on 3rd September 1939.

With over 2 hours of footage over 8 instalments, sit back and enjoy on & off track footage from circuit races, record attempts and fantastic mountain climbs from the most incredible period in motorsport history.









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