Film Night 8

Saturday Night is Film Night here at so open a bottle, grab some snacks, and put your feet up for this weeks motorsport film of the week.

We covered the golden era of World Rallying with a look at Group B back in Film Night 2, so this week it’s time for Formula 1s last great era, the Turbo Era.

The early to mid 80s produced the most powerful cars that ever took to the race track, but how were these highly strung 1500cc monsters designed & built?

1980s Channel 4 science show Equinox took a behind the scenes look at Cosworth and their development of the GBA V6 F1 engine. Also, this program looks at the ill-fated Beatrice Haas team, created at great expense and a huge amount of publicity with ex. World Champion Alan Jones driving a car designed by a very young-looking Ross Brawn!

So, sit back and enjoy the trials and tribulations of a team of experts facing a completely new challenge.



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