Film Night 9

For the past couple of weeks here on Saturday night has been film night, and this week is no exception!

We have another treat for you this week, which continues the F1 turbo theme of last week. It may not be the longest film in the world, but as far as 2013 hillclimbing goes it is very topical and also features the designer of one of the fastest and most exciting cars on the hills.

Top 2-litre runners Paul Haimes and John Chalmers are both in the process of building turbo-charged single-seaters for the hills, and there are many different challenges thanĀ building a normally aspirated competition car.

But what challenges did the F1 teams of the early-80s face when taking on the same challenge?

This film follows Team Lotus through the design, build & development of their 1983 F1 challengers.

(Keep an eye out for GWR Raptor designer Martin Ogilvie in this one as well!)


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