SHC Film Night 7

Back in the summer we ran a series of posts which meant that Saturday Night was Film Night here at your favourite hillclimb website.

Well, it’s time to rekindle that idea to help us all to get through the final cold weeks of winter before the 2013 season begins.

To restart this series we thought that we had better dig out something special…

Many readers will be aware of the work of Alain De Cadenet, the former Le Mans entrant & competitor, historic car & aircraft collector and motoring broadcaster.

De Cad spent most of the 90s and 00s producing a TV series about famous racing marques called ‘Victory by Design’.

The series is BRILLIANT and covers Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Ferrari and many other legendary marques.

Our favourite episode though is the one that concentrates on the Legend of Jaguar.

And guess which is on youtube in its entirity!?

Sit back and enjoy the history of Jaguar’s racing exploits up until the disappointment of the F1 program.



  1. Andy Barton says:

    Thanks Mr. Editor, for making this available to your following. Alain de Cadenet delivered his views on this wonderful diversity of machinery, and commentated on his driving experiences with a truly remarkable and natural flow, seemingly without pause. A true actor perhaps, as well as a notable driver, with a track record too; and finally a beautifully edited film. But also, a big thank-you to those who persuaded all the owners of this unparallleled assembly of machinery to allow them to be driven at this single location. A memorable achievement in some many ways. Thanks too to the owmer(s) of the location. For so many reasons, Really Great Stuff.

    • James says:

      It is an amazing show, and the rest of the series is just as good. They were produced for Speed TV in the states I believe and are very difficult to come by in the UK.

      I once found the Maserati episode on an obscure satellite channel, thought the scenery was familiar, and then spotted that all of the cars were being filmed whilst driving DOWN Loton Park!

      The Jaguar footage is largely shot at Sir Anthony Bamford’s estate and test track in Gloucestershire… Oh to have an invite to one of his ‘play days’!!!

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