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‘The Big One’ in August is the biggest event in the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb calendar.

Lotus 15 Barry Whizzo Williams

‘Whizzo’ Williams in the Lotus-Buick at Shelsley in August


This year the event featured a celebration of the Lotus marque and included a large and varied class of historic competition cars from the Norfolk manufacturer.

One of the stars of the class was former rally, touring car, GT & historics driver Barry ‘Whizzo’ Williams with the ex. Dizzy Addicote Lotus 15 from 1958.

The Buick V8 engined car is the star of this brilliant video which we found on youtube.


As well as the video, the tale of how this video came about and a podcast interview with Whizzo has been posted on the blog.

What a great reminder of the weekend!




  1. The Lotus Buick will be competing next season in the Paul Matty Sportscar Lotus Champion which opens at Prescott 27th April followed by Shelsley Walsh 4/5th May.

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