Shelsley Improvements

Having spotted a few tweets on the subject, we understand that there has been an awful lot of work going on at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb in recent weeks.

Deryk Young Vision Polimotor

Deryk Young at Crossing Bend in 1994 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


In 2012, The World Famous venue won Venue of the Year in our Awards for the continuous raft of improvements and this shows no sign of stopping.

The hallowed tarmac itself is receiving particular attention at the moment as Bottom Ess is being resurfaced and having some drainage work done.

We have also heard that the bank at Crossing has been re-constructed with a huge stack of tyres being embedded into the bank. This is particularly good news as we raised our concerns about this section of the track earlier in the year, and our thoughts seemed to strike a chord with some top-line competitors…

It is great to see the efforts going in to keeping this venue in absolutely tip-top condition.


  1. Pistonbroke says:

    Which side of the track is the work at Crossing? If on the right (ascending) are the sleepers being removed?

    • James says:

      The photos on Twitter show the bank on the left, just after the marshals post be re-built.

      Check out the @shelsleywalsh Twitter feed to see the shots.

  2. Graeme Wight says:

    hav to admit this worries me, if a car hits tyres it gets pulled in and a good chance that this will start a car spinning up the bank…. if it was steel then you would slide off it.

    • Pistonbroke says:

      And this is from someone who knows what he’s talking about……………………………..

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