Shelsley National Preview

‘The Big One’ at Shelsley Walsh this weekend looks like being an absolute cracker, and well worthy of it’s title. The entry list shows a great selection of all the usual front-runners, along with a number of familiar faces who haven’t been running for a while.

We have already discussed Mike Turner & John Owen’s appearance with the MCR S2000 car. Other interesting sportscars visiting the famous 1000 yards include Chris Mason & Haydn Spedding in their shared E-Type as well as Ash Mason & Steve Day returning to their LoCaterfield roots in Ash’s Westy and Roger Banks in the monster Audi A4.

The lovely Mason/Spedding E-Type


Amongst the bigger single-seaters at the event it is great to see Laurie Ritchie (Argo), Bob Penrose (OMS-Cosworth) and John Jones (Pilbeam-Cosworth) returning after a few months absense.

All of the bit-hitters are running amongst the championship runners. At this power hill the big class will likely be a battle between the Morans (Gould) and Wallace Menzies (DJ). Although Trevor Willis (OMS), Team NewMerrick (Gould), Deryk Young (Gould), John Bradburn (Gould) and Rob Turnbull (Gould) are all well capable of getting in the mix.

Team NewMerrick at Shelsley Walsh

Whatever you do at Shelsley this weekend, be sure to watch the 1600 runners qualifying runs. This power hill sees the little, lightweight cars at their biggest disadvange to the V8s and they need absolute bravery and precision if they are to get into the Run Offs.

The 1600 podium could contain any of a dozen drivers as the GWR, Force, DJ & OMS chassis do battle with their highly developed Suzuki powerplants. Jos Goodyear (DJ Firehawk), Lee Adams (GWR Raptor) along with Will Hall, Eynon Price & Richard Spedding (Force PCs) join 7 OMS 25 drivers at the front of the class.

It will be a great event, with a diverse selection of cars and lots of off-track activities. Now all we need is the weather…


Hopefully rain won't be a factor this weekend



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