Shelsley Run Offs

The latest round of the British Hillclimb Championship was The Big One at the historic Shelsley Walsh and saw the Moran family return to competition after their two event break.

Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb


Roger & Scott were determined to peg back some of the gap that their rivals had pulled out at Wiscombe and Craigantlet, but the weather interfered with Scott’s plans (and those of several others) in qualifying for the first of the two Top 12 Run Offs.

The skies overhead darkened as the 1600s, 2-litres and the ‘A’ batch ran, and as the red flags came out after John Jones clipped the bank in The Kink the light rain started to fall.

Roger Moran, Lee Adams, Jos Goodyear, Richard Spedding, Alex Summers, Andy Coley & Dave Uren had already qualified by this point, but the conditions were now a lottery for the remaining runners.

Tony Wiltshire, Deryk Young & John Bradburn got in as the rain got heavier, but Will Hall & Tom New missed out. Wallace Menzies & Trevor Willis both put in stunning times to qualify, but Scott Moran was just too conservative in The Esses and didn’t.


The Run Off took place on a drying track and Lee Adams started things off with a time good enough for seventh.

Wiltshire, Young & Bradburn scrapped over the final point, which was claimed by Wilt and the V6 Gould.

Bike-engined cars claimed the next four places with Summers, Adams, Uren & Spedding in sixth to ninth respectively.

Andy Coley had sneaked in despite a somewhat off the pace qualifier, but he put in a stormer when it mattered and claimed six points.


The new DJ Firestorm chassis certainly seemed to be to Menzies liking and his traction control system allowed him to use enough power for fourth place!

These are the conditions that Trevor Willis usually revels in, but he was having a slightly off-form day (by his standards) and had to settle for the final podium spot.

Roger Moran always steps up if he gets a sniff of a win and he out in a storming 25.09s run to take the lead with one car left to run.

As the GWR team pushed Jos Goodyear and the tiny Raptor into pre-start there was the real chance of a Shelsley win. Jos was up on Roger as he left Top Ess, but his screaming Hayabusa couldn’t match Nic Mac grunt on the top straight and he had to settle for second.

Roger Moran

Roger Moran claimed a win at Shelsley


With the sun shining all afternoon, normal service was resumed in qualifying for the second Run Off.

Hall, Bradburn, Adams & Young scrapped over the final positions and finished in ninth to twelfth places.

Half a second ahead of that battle were New, Goodyear & Summers in fifth, sixth & seventh, the latter two both going quicker than their new class records.


Willis was pipped by Menzies for third place but neither of them could match Roger Moran’s 23.79s from earlier in the Run Off.

Scott Moran came to the line knowing that he had to salvage something from this run to make up for his non-qualification earlier. He was on great form and was quicker even than Goodyear to The Esses (although slower than Willis), he charged over the line at 144mph for the win.


The Moran’s are back!

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