Shelsley Snippet

Just a quick snippet before our full meeting report comes along tomorrow…

In the torrential conditions that the first Top 12 Run Off was run in, there was one driver who produced what would stand as ‘save of the day’.

Ford Puma driver Mike Manning produced Saturday’s best catch as he lost the 4×4 turbocar coming out of Kennel Bend, getting to an unbelieveable angle before straightening up and carrying on towards Crossing. In fact, it was the closest I’ve ever heard Our Correspondent get to swearing over the PA!

On Sunday however Scotsman Lee Adams, trying to make up for the lack of grunt his Hayabusa engine has compared to the V8s, topped Manning’s feat with a massive save at Crossing Bend. The little car had a big tank-slapper but Lee barely lifted, in fact keeping his foot in whilst sorting it out is probably what kept the car on the black stuff!


Nice one Lee, and well held!


  1. Grant says:

    Once again james in the right place at the right time . Great save tho lee.

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