Shelsley’s Silver Flash

We always aim to bring the inside story on the events going on in the hillclimb paddock. Following Saturday’s Midland meeting at Shelsley Walsh we received emails from two of the grumpier members of the paddock.

These emails were regarding the mighty impressive sub-30s of the ‘Silver Flash’ Dave Warburton.

Father Allan said:
“The darned Silver Streak went sub thirty at Shelsley and took the record which should rightly have been mine! This leaves the pink car with only Craigantlet [record] left and that is Joy’s.

Years ago I did 29.24 in the Mallock, David did 29.92 in a Caterham. I tried to demolish the esses seating area but luckily missed. Joy spun in the bottom S, Wilson clipped the bank at crossing. We were all trying too hard to catch him.”

Fierce rival Dave Wilson added:
“It really hurts me to write this, but I feel congratulations are in order for Warby Jnr for his 29.92 run at Shelsley on Saturday. We’ve all thought there was a sub 30 run in our cars, but he was the first to achieve it.

It smashed my old record and has set a very high target to beat. My only consolation is that I managed to beat Alan and Joy by nearly a whole 0.3sec…one of the biggest margins of the year!

Please pass on congrats to Dave through the website….lets hope he discovers girls and booze at Uni to distract him a bit…..Team Pink”


  1. Ken Evans says:

    I only just found this. Congratulations to the smaller Warbie on a fantastic time. Let’s not forget that this is a road legal car without aero and slicks. A testament to the Caterham 7 and driver David.

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