Specs Appeal!

Following on from his initial experimenting at Harewood Hillclimb back in May, using Scott Moran as a guinea pig, hillclimb photographer extraordinaire Rich Danby has been playing with his glasses again!

Rich Danby Alex Summers

Rich Danby and Alex Summers get the camera ready


The video glasses used by Scott to capture some of the best on board footage ever gained at a speed hillclimb have been tweaked by the man behind www.zipp.co.uk and were ready for action again at Loton Park last weekend.

For this event Westfield driver Debbie Dunbar and DJ Firehawk driver Alex Summers would be our chauffeurs.

The footage from Debbie’s run is still being sorted out, but Rich has already uploaded Alex’s run to his youtube channel.

Although the actual footage from the run is brilliant, but one of the best things about this video is that, as Alex didn’t know how to switch the recording off, he walked around the holding paddock and conducted some impromptu interviews.

Things to look out for… Tregoning discussing hair styles and Haimesy running away from the camera!

We also apologise for Tony Hunt’s atrocious language!


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